Swainy's Tips and Tricks

We've teamed up with former World Golf Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain to show us how it's done with style!

This season, Geoff will be providing us with a series of handy videos offering tips and advice for all Linksnet members to help improve their game.

Geoff welcomes any comments or feedback on his videos and you may even win a small prize!  Feel free to send your thought/comments to us at support@linksnetgolf.com

First up is a quick intro from Geoff to explain things.

A thought on our wonderful game ...

Tips on improving your stance to gain distance

Geoff's take on driver length and a word of warning!

Why can't I hit my driver as far as my 3 or 5 wood?

Which ball is right for you?

Tips on ball position

It's all about the follow through!

Gripping stuff!

Set-up for more distance!

Season 1 Videos:

Set-up tips for Leon Loberman

Pure perfection from Morag Hutcheon!

Swinging Sean at Brocket Hall

Great set-up Steve, love the garden too!

Beware the injured golfer, Clinton Heap, dressed to impress!

Next up it's Callum Knight who comes under Swainy's microscope!

Move over Rory, it's CLUB member Garry Hartley!

Here's smooth swinging CLUB member Roger Harpum (with some fashion advice from Geoff!)

Some tips and hairdressing advice for CLUB member Jon Crickmore!

Here's 18 handicapper and CLUB member, Pete Walters from Ingestre Park:

Here's CLUB member Tim Furnell from Ingestre Park in Staffs (sound on for Geoff's analysis and useful tips!).

Our first swing video is from Hazlemere CLUB member, Bob Scott:


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