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The Titleist brand started with a vision - and an x-ray. The Titleist success story began one Sunday in 1930, when Phil Young, a dedicated amateur golfer and owner of a precision moulded rubber company, missed a well-stroked putt in a match with his friend, who was head of the x-ray department at a local hospital. Convinced that the ball itself was at fault, Young and his opponent went to the hospital, x-rayed the golf ball in question and found that its core was, in fact, off-centre. With his discovery, Phil Young persuaded Fred Bommer, a fellow MIT graduate, rubber specialist and avid golfer, to head up the Acushnet Golf Division.  They set out to develop the highest quality and best performing golf ball in the world; one that would be uniform and consistent in quality, ball after ball. It took Young and Bommer three painstaking years to perfect the first Titleist golf ball, but when it was ready in 1935, it could truthfully be introduced to club professionals and golfers as the best ball ever made. Applying a lesson well learned, Young implemented a process check that is still in practice today: every Titleist golf ball is x-rayed. The Titleist name and script originated when the first Titleist branded golf balls were being produced in 1935. Executives were looking for a word that was synonymous with excellence; a name that identified a champion.  The name 'Titleist' was unanimously chosen as the name of the golf ball and brand. With the name decided, the company needed to develop a logo. An executive suggested the handwriting of office secretary Helen Robinson who was considered to have beautiful penmanship.  Helen was given a sheet of paper and asked to write the word ‘Titleist.’  The way she wrote the word on the page that day is exactly how one of the world’s most recognised marks continues to appear today, gracing every piece of Titleist equipment throughout the world.

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Island Green Golf

Island Green proudly presents a vast collection of men's and ladies premium golf apparel and accessories. Established in 2014, Island Green designs all products in-house in their North West HQ Offices, and with their close and strong relationships that they have built over the years with manufacturers and suppliers, they can promise you the best quality clothing at affordable prices.

Island Green garments are designed to combine the latest technology and fabrics, allowing you to perform, feeling unrestricted and protected from the ever changing elements out on the course, so you can always look your best and perform at your best. Island Green continuously introduce new fabrics which encapsulate comfort and design whilst enabling maximum performance, so you can always rest assured when out on the greens.

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Bushnell Golf

For decades our laser rangefinders have been the choice of pro's on Tour with over 98% of players* relying on Bushnell products to provide them with fast accurate distances on golf courses all over the world.
*SMS Survey, 2019 Open Championship

But you don't have to be Tour pro to enjoy the benefits of a Bushnell product, we believe that golfers at all levels should be able to rely on the speed and accuracy that Bushnell products bring to the game of golf.  Whether it's the fast, accurate measurement of our range finders or our feature packed GPS devices, Bushnell Golf products continue to make the game more enjoyable for golfers wherever the game is played.

Golfers can now get even more features using the free to download Bushnell app.  Suitable for Apple and Android phone users, the App provides access to state-of-the art graphics and technology designed to further enhance a golfer's experience.

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Stewart Golf

Stewart Golf was founded more than a decade ago with the sole intention of designing and building the world's finest golf trolleys. As a company owned and run by engineers, Stewart Golf's instinct is to design, innovate and build. This instinct has resulted in a range of golf trolleys that rivals and surpasses any in the world. Nestled in the idyllic Cotswolds in south west Great Britain, Stewart Golf lovingly build every one of their trolleys by hand. From here they are sent all over the world, with 30% of production being exported to more than 30 countries.  

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Skechers GoGolf

Skechers golf shoes can be summed up in 3 words:  Comfort, Comfort, Comfort.  Every pair of Skechers golf shoes comes with that 'out of the box' comfort - open the box, put the shoes on your feet and go play golf. There is no need to break them in, no need to soften them up, just play and forget that you actually have shoes on your feet.

With a wide range of price points and styles there is a shoe in the collection for every golfer and occasion - from the full leather waterproof Pro 4 to the stylish summer Rover and Fairway 2 there is a shoe in the range to suit every weather and condition a golfer might find themselves in.  And our ladies collection is very bit as big and full of comfort as our men's range.

Dirty Dog

What defines Dirty Dog Eyewear? A powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials and ergonomic engineering delivering eyewear that is unrivalled in performance and innovation. Dirty Dog Eyewear’s pioneering lines and advanced design provide PUREBRED performance transforming your vision into a crystal clear experience. Dirty Dog Eyewear draws upon an active engagement in the world of sports for inspiration. Function drives their design. The aesthetic is based on concrete wearability, comfort, lightness and responsiveness to the demands of daily life and sports performance. The design philosophy fuses function with attitude.

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CAMELBAK is the world's leading maker of hydration products designed to be re-useable, stylish and last forever.  Each model comes with a lifetime guarantee and depending on the model you'll be enjoying a lifetime of non-leaking, easy to use, lightweight water bottles no matter if you are out on the course or enjoying another pursuit.

With the increasing pressure to move away from single use plastic, Camelbak bottles are the perfect replacement. Available in a range of colours and free from harmful chemicals like BPA, BPS and BPF, a Camelbak water bottle will be a welcome and stylish addition to any golf bag.

If you need to keep something at a constant temperature - whether hot or cold - we can take care of that too.  Our stainless steel vacuum bottles can keep your drink at the same temperature for hours at a time.

Max Golf Protein

Max Golf Protein is a range of delicious and healthy refreshments designed specifically for the golf course to help golfers maintain energy levels, stay hydrated, and play to the best of their ability. 

The Max Golf Protein Drink is the world’s first protein drink made for golfers. It’s high in protein, fat free, gluten free, contains no added sugar, provides a slow release of energy, and the vanilla milkshake tastes delicious.

The MGP Natural Peanut Energy Bar is made with organic ingredients. The bar is all natural, healthy, dairy free, vegan friendly, tastes incredible, and provides lots of energy on the course.  The MGP Banana & Cashew Bar, just like the Peanut bar, is also natural, organic, vegan, and oh so delicious!

Other products include the MGP Dark Chocolate drink, the Cacao & Raspberry Bar and a range of fantastic MGP Hydration Drinks.


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Hayman's Gin

Since 1863 five generations of the Hayman's family have acted as custodians of the True English Gin style – providing an unbroken lineage dating back to the original gin boom. Throughout this 150 years, Hayman's Gin have been proud to distil True English Gins, using family techniques and processes handed down through the generations. Today, in an era where most gin producers have focused on what’s new, the Hayman's family remain committed to championing the True English Gin style first developed by their 19th Century forebears – protecting the classically balanced styles that lie at the heart of most classic gin cocktails. Unlike other gin available today, Hayman's full range of True English Gins are distilled just as they would have been over 150 years ago – benefiting from the authentic period recipes and traditional two-day process that lie at the heart of creating the famously balanced English Gin style.

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provulo helps businesses of all sizes to automate their processes to make them significantly more efficient, all while lowering their costs of operation. 

If you are reliant on manual processes that require you to chase paperwork, follow email trails, make sure your excel spreadsheets aren’t overwritten, or if your staff are bogged down copying data from one system into another or continually correcting mistakes then provulo can help your business be far more professional, reduce costs and grow without having to add headcount.

provulo has proven solutions in performance management, administration, manufacturing, operations, procurement, sales management, IT, customer service, asset and maintenance management.

We are happy to build a proof of concept for all prospective clients, at no cost, to demonstrate how we can help your business and in partnership, your client's businesses.

Geoff Swain

Former World Golf Trick Shot Champion Geoff Swain has produced Golf Unplugged - a fusion of incredible golf shows, interactive clinics and world class presenting.  Geoff's memorable shows  and clinics at corporate golf days, European Tour and World Championship events incorporate mind blowing golf shots, unbelievable hand eye coordination and a thumping good line in banter! Geoff’s golf shows have given him the opportunity of working with and interviewing the greats of the game. From these experiences, Geoff introduced after dinner speaking, humorous hosting, and master of ceremony duties to his services. Geoff regularly speaks at and hosts Q&A sessions at European Tour events.

Exclusive Golf & Travel

A quarterly digital golf publication and website distributed to over 600,000 UK Golfers. Launched in 2018, Exclusive Golf & Travel has now undergone huge transformation in 2020. We have further enhanced our quality content by delivering to our readers more engaging, exciting and informative news, features, competitions, destination guides, interviews, golf holidays and shorts breaks along with interviews, equipment and video. With a content driven responsive website we are able to deliver our content directly to our readers in a format which is easy to use, read and navigate.

Golf News

Golf News is the UK’s most widely-read free golf publication, and is being read by more UK golfers than ever before, following a significant increase in its distribution channels over the last 12 months. While many of the paid-for golf titles are reporting dips in their subscription numbers and overall circulation figures, Golf News continues to grow its readership. The accessible and user-friendly web-based magazine has proved a hit with club golfers and industry professionals alike, and has helped Golf News to reach a wider and more targeted audience than ever. This upward trend looks set to continue, with the next stage of the magazine stand and counter top roll-out programme which will see Golf News displayed more prominently in even more clubhouses, pro shops, golf resorts, high street golf shops and hotels throughout the UK. Golf News will continue to do what it has always done – provide topical news and exclusive features that are relevant and interesting to club golfers.

Milestone Event Management

Milestone was established in 2002. From the outset, our plan was to create a golf and corporate events business in which we could effectively work as the 'in-house' events team for our clients. This ethos has enabled us to build long lasting and trusting relationships and gives us a unique insight into our clients' brands and their values. Our proven track record, unrivalled experience and market knowledge ensure you have the opportunity to build better client relationships whilst we take away all the stress and deliver an event that is relaxing, fun, memorable and a commercial success. Professional, honest, creative, flexible and dedicated - that's what makes us different and why existing clients rebook year after year. 

All Linksnet members receive 10% off the standard management fee for any event.
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