SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard

Hole those birdie putts, climb the leaderboard and win a custom fit SIK Golf putter as used by Bryson!

This year we will be running a season long SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard covering all 18 Network Days.

1 point will be awarded for every nett birdie, 2 points for a nett eagle and 3 points for a nett albatross.

The top 4 placed members at the end of the season will be invited to a fitting session to receive a custom fit SIK Golf putter as used by Bryson de Chambeau.

See Terms and Conditions (15.10) for more details.

The SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard will appear here throughout the season.

Current Top 10 standings as at 24 May 2022 (after Coxmoor Network Day).

1st  -  Dave Woods - 19 points
2nd - David Cooksley - 18 points
3rd - Leon Loberman - 15 points
T4th - George Copley, Neil McRae, Peter Carter Brown  -  13 points
7th - Terry Woods - 12 points
T8th - Tom Moore, Carl Greenwood - 11 points
T10th - Dave Elliott, Stuart Nice, Rob Cooper, Glyn Andrews -  10 points


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