SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard

Hole those birdie putts, climb the leaderboard and win a custom fit SIK Golf putter as used by Bryson!

This year we will be running a season long SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard covering all 18 Network Days.

1 point will be awarded for every nett birdie, 2 points for a nett eagle and 3 points for a nett albatross.

The top 4 placed members at the end of the season will be invited to a fitting session to receive a custom fit SIK Golf putter as used by Bryson de Chambeau.

See Terms and Conditions (15.10) for more details.

The SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard will appear here throughout the season.

Current Top 4 standings as at 14 Sep 2022 (after Ireland Residential Trip).

1st  -  Dave Woods - 69 points
2nd - Carl Greenwood - 59 points
3rd - David Cooksley - 54 points
4th - Mark Attwell - 44 points

Full leaderboard:

Pos.PlayerNo.of Birdies
1Dave Woods69
2Carl Greenwood59
3David Cooksley54
4Mark Attwell44
T5Leon Loberman43
T5Paul Rayner43
8Neil McRae38
8Duncan Whitehead37
9Glyn Andrews32
T10Carol Brown31
T10Terry Woods31
T12Peter Carter-Brown25
T12George Copley25
14Karen Andrews24
15Karen Scott23
T16Wayne Collier21
T16Rob Cooper21
T16Stuart Nice21
T19Forbes Cutler20
T19Mike Pickering20
T19Mick Baker20
22Tom Moore18
23Steve O'Keeffe16
T24Gary Hankinson15
T24Marc Brookes15
T24Kevin Rose15
T27Louise O'Keeffe14
T27Simon Hudson14
T29Danny Kendall13
T29Sean Henry13
T29Barry Stead13
T29Derek Bird13
T33Dean Tebbutt12
T33Brian Lodge12
T33Terry Upham12
T36Simon Ford11
T36Kerry Evans11
T36James Gear11
T39Dave Elliott10
T39James Brown10
T41Steve Glennon9
T41Scott Murray9
T41Carl Nevison9
T41Sonya Singh9
T45Gavin Offord8
T45Jim Tatum8
T45Mark Williams8
T45Paul Woods8
T45Ryan Davidson8
T45Garry Hartley8
T51Alan Thompson7
T51David Oxley7
T51Gerry Crerand7
T51John Loffler7
T55Christian Hill6
T55Andrew Lyth6
T55Anthony Gavin6
T55Morag Hutcheon6
T55John Whiskin6
T60Steve Cooke5
T60Nathan Lanston5
T60Gary Ribeiro5
T60Ed Bradstreet5
T60Steve Shaw5
T60Glen Angus5
T60Trevor Hails5
T60Colin Shellard5
T60Chris Jones5
T60Roger Harpum5
T60George Andrews5
T60David Ryley5
T72Tim Furnell4
T72Arshad Ali4
T72Elliott Grant4
T72Mark Zimmer4
T72Thomas Moore4
T72John Newell4
T72Fred Steel4
T72Adrian Fisk4
T72Hassan Mirza4
T72Lee Corns4
T72Margaret Clifford4
T85Peter Uri3
T85Alec Stewart3
T85Malcolm Cander3
T85Graham Hurst3
T85Brian Ford3
T85Alan Clifford3
T85Nigel Philips3
T85Paul Morris3
T85Paul Hinchy3
T94Luke Howell2
T94Brian Roberts2
T94Mark Taylor2
T94Pepi Bedi2
T94Crispin Costa2
T94Stuart Hawkins2
T94Steve Bennonson2
T94Alex Meininger2
T94Sam Shibil2
T94Ross Hunt2
T104Dave Heming1
T104Chris Chambers1
T104Steve Sinnott1


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