Season 3 Final - 10-11 November

Prince's Golf Club, Sandwich, Kent

Season 3 Final - A Review

What a fantastic couple of days the Season 3 Final turned out to be. It certainly didn't disappoint and it's success was down to the brilliant spirit all 16 finalists displayed in the time we spent together. 

As we mentioned last year, picking two teams that have no natural identity is never easy - Portrush and Troon were just 2 names we hung our hats on a year ago. It needs 2 teams to gel together and form their own identity and it's incredible how quickly this happens all in the name of the game we love. It's no coincidence that two great teams were led by two fantastic captains. Both Glyn Andrews and Mark Attwell played and led the final exactly as we hoped and this made everyone's experience all the more memorable.

The two teams came together on a sunny Thursday morning and after receiving a bumper goody bag and their team caps and bag tags, the two captains said a few welcoming words. It was then on to the team photos before the final could get under way in earnest.

The first round was betterball matchplay  - this year played across the challenging but stunning Himalayas and Shore nines. It proved an incredible day with 3 of the 4 matches going down 18! In the top match our last minute call up Dave Cooksley along with Jon Crickmore proved too strong for Gavin Featherstone and Leon Loberman winning 3&2 and providing the first point for Portrush.

Our captains match proved the highlight of the day. It was incredibly close throughout with never more than 1 hole in it. On the 18th Glyn put himself in a great position to close out the match with a putt of no more than 5-6ft whilst Lee Corns was some distance away with his putt. But rather than force a win, Glyn felt the match was so good that no one deserved to lose and he walked over to Lee and shook his hand for a half. It was a superb piece of sportsmanship, probably the best we have seen in the 3 years of Linksnet, and it summed up what a great sportsman Glyn is.

The third and fourth matches also proved really tight. Carol Brown and Derek Bird put in a great performance against the strong pairing of Forbes Cutler and Dave Woods. Forbes unfortunately missed a putt on the 18th to give Carol and Derek the win and the point for Troon.

Troon completed another win in the final match as Mike Pickering and Neil McRae won 1 up against Karen Scott and Brian Lodge, making the score at the end of day one - Portrush 1.5 Troon 2.5. So there was certainly all to play for in the singles.

Day two saw the wind pick up making it a challenging Singles round across the Shore and Dunes. Portrush set the scene for the day however with a big 5&4 win for Jon Crickmore over Neil McRae to bring the scores level 2.5-2.5. 

Troon however regained the lead as Leon Loberman beat Brian Lodge 4&2 despite a spirited fightback late on from Brian. 

The top two matches were close. Captain Glyn held a monster putt on 17 to close out a 2&1 win over Mike Pickering to ensure Portrush took the lead for the first time that day 3.5-2.5. Dave Woods just pipped Derek Bird to the post winning 1up on 18 to make it 4.5-2.5 to Portrush. Karen Scott then got the better of Carol Brown 2&1 to put Portrush within 1 point of retaining the trophy.

And of course man of the moment Dave Cooksley who didn't know he would be playing the final until Tuesday afternoon completed his week by defeating a very strong Lee Corns 1up on 18 to get the all important winning point for captain Glyn who like the rest of his team were delighted with Dave!

Forbes Cutler and captain Mark Attwell finished all square whilst Gavin Featherstone won 1up against Carl Greenwood making the final score Portrush 7 Troon 5.

Well done to Mark Attwell who was a fantastic captain and a great opponent for Glyn. At the prize giving it was clear that winning wasn't the 'be all and end all'. As the 16 finalists chatted away sharing stories of the two days, strong friendships had obviously been made. And when the golf stops and the last pin flag has been put back in it's hole, that's really what Linksnet is all about - making lasting friendships, networking and having fun whilst playing some great competitive golf.

Thank you to all our sponsors and especially Golf Escapes who's amazing 5 nights holiday at Costa Navarino Resort in Greece was won by Brian Lodge! 

Well done everyone, until next time!

NTP Day 1 - Lee Corns
NTP in Two Day 2 - Mike Pickering
NTP Day 2 - Gavin Featherstone
NTP in Two Day 2 - Mark Attwell

Player of the Tournament Portrush - Dave Cooksley
Player of the Tournament Troon - Lee Corns

Golf Escapes Costa Navarino Holiday Winner - Brian Lodge


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Season 3 Final Countdown - 1 day to go - Wednesday 9 November

So it's finally here after what seems like a long build up! We're packing up ready for the early morning journey down to the Kent coast and after some of the wettest days of the year, it appears we have a decent weather window for the final!

Prince's really is a superb venue with 27 amazing holes about to welcome our finalists. Today we take a look at each of the 9s - Himalayas, Shore and Dunes. 

It's sure to be a memorable couple of days, here's to some fantastic competitive golf, laughter, fun and most importantly friendship.


We start our final on the redeveloped Himalaya’s nine – arguably the ‘jewel in the crown’ at Princes. It’s a fantastic way to kick things off, and this year we are playing betterball, so everyone can experience it playing their own ball! 

Hole 1 Par 4 377 yards

The opening hole on the Himalayas offers a very generous driving area but beware of the tiny pot bunker in the middle of the fairway. Once this tee shot has been negotiated a mid iron shot awaits to a smallish green. Accuracy is key with the second shot as out of bounds lies to the left of the green and a sleepered bunker will catch those miss hit second shots.

Hole 2 Par 5 575 Yards

The lone fir tree is the ideal line on this dramatic Par 5. Longer hitters can be brave and try to carry the wetlands on the left setting up a chance at hitting the green in two. A tight lay-up area requires precision to avoid the waiting bunkers and sandscrapes, setting up a short approach to a green which slopes gently from front to back. A Par is always a respectable score here.

Hole 3 Par 4 372 Yards

Players are greeted on their way to the tee by a spitfire propeller, commemorating Laddie Lucas who force-landed his spitfire on this hole during World War II. Typically played into the prevailing wind, players are tested off the tee with wetlands and bunkers lying each side of the fairway. The approach shot into this double green requires good distance control, but be aware, missing the green to either side can leave a virtually impossible up and down.

Hole 4 Par 4 433 Yards

This long demanding Par 4 offers a great view of the sea and also the trouble that awaits them. Longer hitters should favour the left side of the fairway to avoid the three deep fairway bunkers. This long, thin greens demands an accurate approach with either side of the green sloping away from the surface, leaving a treacherous chip. Par is a brilliant score here.

Hole 5 Par 3 133 Yards

Bloody Point is the signature Par 3 at Prince's and poses a challenge to golfers despite being the shortest hole on the course. The raised green is defended by steep run off areas on all sides and a deep pot bunker. An undulating green slopes from right to left meaning approach shots hit to the left of the pin will provide the best chance for birdie.

Hole 6 Par 5 556 Yards

This demanding Par 5 presents one of the toughest tee shots at Prince's. Players must avoid the two deep bunkers positioned to the left of the fairway with wetlands collecting drives played too far to the right. Once this has been navigated two good shots are still required to hit the large green which has a raised ledge on the left hand side, sloping down towards a flat section protected by two pot bunkers. A par here is a very good score!

Hole 7 Par 3 190 Yards

This demanding Par 3 with run off areas both left and right can play anything from a pitching wedge to a driver. The player should aim for the front right of the green as this will allow the ball to feed towards the middle of the green. Beware if you miss the green to the right as you will face a near impossible chip from 30ft below the putting surface to a green that runs away from the golfer.

Hole 8 Par 4 312 Yards

This risk and reward Par 4 gives players the option to drive the green or lay-up into the fairway. Players brave enough to go for the double green could be rewarded with an eagle putt or punished by the wetlands and bunkers which protect the green. If choosing the lay-up, the lone pine tree is the ideal line for this shot. It is important to find the correct level of this undulating green and if successful, you have a great chance of making a birdie.

Hole 9 Par 4 426 Yards

This demanding par 4 ensures a difficult finish to the Himalayas. Teeing off above the fairway the ideal line is aiming towards the fairway bunker on the right with longer hitters able to aim further left. The approach is dominated by the prestigeous Sarazen Bunker to the left of the green which will leave you with a very tough recovery shot. A tough finish to the demanding Himalayas.


The back nine of our betterball round will be played on the Shore nine, which follows the shoreline south towards the Lodge. Even if our matches don’t go all the way, we very much hope our finalists carry on to finish this excellent nine, as it would be a shame to miss out on some great holes.

Hole 1 Par 4 426 Yards

An accurate tee shot is required to split the deep fairway bunkers located left and right. A slightly uphill approach follows with a large run off awaiting any pulled approach shots to the left of the green, which slopes predominately right to left. A par here would be a good score.

Hole 2 Par 5 530 Yards

This Par 5 running parallel to the coast offers a great birdie opportunity. The fairway bunkers will prevent the chance to reach the green in 2 and must be navigated off the tee. Players must now choose between carrying the cross bunker and attempting to reach the green or laying-up to leave a wedge onto the green. A pin placed on the raised left hand portion of the green requires a very accurate wedge shot with a right pin offering a great chance for birdie.

Hole 3 Par 3 173 Yards

A tricky Par 3 with two deep pot bunkers either side of the front of the green punishing wayward tee shots. With this in mind, playing a little past the pin is the safe play here. Missing the green to the right leaves an awkward blind chip back up to the green and should be best avoided.

Hole 4 Par 4 410 Yards

A large ridge divides the fairway to this challenging Par 4. The flatter right hand side is the more preferential route off the tee. An accurate approach shot is required with deep bunkers guarding the front of the green and a run off area over the back of the green.

Hole 5 Par 3 137 Yards

This Par 3 may look simple on the scorecard however this undulating redan green poses a stiff test. A high approach shot will give players the best chance of holding the green which runs away from them toward the sea. Deep bunkers and steep runoffs await errant tee shots and will leave an up and down unlikely.

Hole 6 Par 4 383 Yards

This Par 4 is the last hole on the Shore which works it's way up to the Lodge before turning towards the clubhouse. The desired tee shot is played towards, but short of, the large bunker on the right. A devilish approach follows with sharp run offs either side and short of the green which slopes steadily back to front.

Hole 7 Par 4 405 Yards

A slightly elevated tee shows you all of the trouble on this challenging Par 4. Deep bunkers lie either side of the fairway but players are aided by a ridge to the left of the fairway which will bring pulled tee shots back onto the fairway. The toughest challenge here is the approach shot to an elevated green with a sharp run off to the right. The desired approach will be played to the left of the green which will feed into the middle.

Hole 8 Par 5 542 Yards

Two large dunes either side of the fairway leaves a tight tee shot to begin this Par 5. Players unable to reach the green in two are best served staying short of the fairway bunkers and playing their subsequent lay-up to the right. The aggressive strategy is to challenge the bunkers off the tee and go for the green in two. The green sloping sharply from front right to back left means even two long shots aren't guaranteed to yield a birdie.

Hole 9 Par 4 413 Yards

The ideal line here is at the flagpole and gives the best opportunity of finding the middle portion of this wide undulating fairway. An uneven lie is common for the second shot which is played into a generous green with a ridge aiding any pulled approaches. A Par here would be a great way to finish the Shore.


Our Singles round on Friday starts on the Shores but finishes on the Dunes which takes you out towards Royal St. Georges before heading back to the clubhouse. Here’s a breakdown of what our finalists can expect on the Dunes as the final climaxes on Friday. 

Hole 1 Par 4 440 Yards

One of the toughest Par 4's at Prince's presents a tough test for all golfers. The fairway doglegs sharply right to left meaning tee shots played to the left leave the shortest approach shots but beware, trouble awaits off the fairway. The green, shaped like an upturned saucer is particularly hard to hold. The recommended play when missing this green is to take a putter, reducing the risk of chipping over the other side! Par is a brilliant score here.

Hole 2 Par 3 155 Yards

A short Par 3 played over a picturesque sandscrape presents an elevated green with three deep bunkers surrounding it. A sharp runoff to the left of the green leaves an awkward chip back up to the green which slopes left to right. Hitting the middle of the green is always a good shot here.

Hole 3 Par 5 527 Yards

This Par 5 offers players a great birdie opportunity but has plenty of challenges. Players must decide whether they can carry the two fairway bunkers and be wary of the out of bounds to the right. Once navigated players will find an extremely undulating fairway and a green guarded by a deep bunker short left of the green. A flattish green provides a great opportunity to make any eagle/birdie putts.

Hole 4 Par 4 408 Yards

An accurate tee shot is required to begin this Par 4 in order to avoid the fairway bunkers either side. The real challenge of this hole is the approach shot which is played uphill to a semi-blind green. Taking an extra club is advised here with two extremely deep bunkers awaiting any approaches hit short right. A pulled approach compensating for this will find the runoff to the left of the green. A four is a great score here.

Hole 5 Par 4 394 Yards

Players are best served playing their tee shot just inside the large sleepered bunker in the distance avoiding the two deep bunkers to the right. This sets up an uphill approach which will punish and pushed approaches. The recommended play here is take an extra club and play to the left which will feed the ball back onto the green.

Hole 6 Par 5 495 Yards

This reachable Par 5 presents a great birdie opportunity to all players. The ideal line off the tee is achieved by aiming at the two pot bunkers in the distance. This offers the best view of an elevated green guarded by a large bunker short right and a sharp slope to the left. A ridge separates the green from front to back and makes club selection key in order to make a birdie.

Hole 7 Par 4 357 Yards

This short Par 4 is not to be taken lightly. Deep bunkers lie each side of the fairway to punish wayward shots and players typically face an unseen lie for their approach. The relatively flat green provides an opportunity to aim at the pin on your approach. A birdie here sets up nicely for a tough finish.

Hole 8 Par 3 198 Yards

The longest Par 3 at Prince's is a challenge to all levels of golfer. The ideal tee shot is played out to the right avoiding the deep bunker placed to the front left of the green. Shots will feed into the green from the right hand side and offer the best opportunity to make par on this tough Par 3.

Hole 9 Par 4 462 Yards

The back tees pose a considerable challenge on this long par 4. The first bunker on the right is the main trouble to avoid on this hole with a straight drive leading to a mid/long iron approach with a bunker short left and a runoff to the right of the green ready to punish a wayward approach. A Par here would be a great finish to your final and potentially win your match at the last!

Season 3 Final Countdown - 2 days to go - Tuesday 8 November

The big news today is the unfortunate withdrawal of Tom Roberton through illness meaning that Glyn and Team Portrush had to bring in a super sub! That super sub is none other than Dave Cooksley!

Dave had a superb Linksnet season and was very unlucky to miss out in the Network Day order of merit where on the final day at Camberley Heath he was pipped to the last qualifying spot by Mark Attwell. But fate has played it’s hand and Dave, a finalist from last year, now returns to try and help Glyn defend the trophy for Portrush!

Good luck to Dave and of course all 16 finalists. 

Tomorrow we will take a look at the 27 holes that will play host to the Final.

Season 3 Final Countdown - 3 days to go - Monday 7 November

Final week is at last upon us as we complete our preparations for the trip down to Princes. The forecast remains ok, certainly a lot better than the current weather(!) and we know from experience how well Princes drains anyway. 

When we think back to last year’s final there were lots of special moments with some really superb competitive golf along the way but what really stood out was how well all 16 players got on together, despite the healthy competition! The reason we love running these team finals is the camaraderie and friendships they create despite the teams only being together for less than 36 hours. It’s just such a unique experience and we can’t wait to see how this year’s bunch get on come Thursday! 

Our two captains have also shared their final thoughts today. Says Mark Attwell, “I can’t believe the final is suddenly upon us. My hopes for warmth and wind may be realised! Both teams will be up for the challenge and I’m sure we’re going to have a great time.”

Meanwhile Glyn Andrews says “I’m really looking forward to the 2022 duel on the links. We’re looking at 2 really strong  teams. As captains, myself and mark can only hope for competitive games with all 16 players smiling  at the conclusion. Bring on some good weather and may Portrush retain the trophy!”

Look out for regular updates and live scoring from Princes on Thursday and Friday.

Season 3 Final Countdown - 1 week to go - Monday 31 October

With Halloween upon us and the final now just over a week away, our captains set out to scare the opposition today with their team previews! It's going to be a closely contested affair as you'd expect with two such balanced teams competing. The average handicaps are almost identical with so many key players across both sides.

Let's see what the captains themselves think! First up is Team Portrush's captain Glyn Andrews. Linksnet Ambassador Glyn is a member of Waterton Park GC in Yorkshire and is playing in his second final but first as captain. Glyn qualified from our Network Day Order of Merit this summer and is one of our most consistent single figure handicap members. An obvious choice for captain, Glyn is well respected within the Linksnet community and will no doubt inspire his team to perform across the two days. 

Let's hear from Glyn about the rest of his team:

Jon Crickmore

Jon plays his golf at Kirkby Valley GC in Southport and has qualified for his first final after a very strong second half of the season which saw him rise to the top of the 10-19 handicap division. He's a player in form right now and will no doubt be a key member of my team.

Forbes Cutler

A Linksnet Ambassador, Forbes plays his golf at Sittingbourne and Milton Regis GC in Kent. A popular member of Linksnet, Forbes only realised on the final day of the season that he had a couple of scores to submit that would put him in a qualifying position! Luckily the rest of the group at the final Network Day at Camberley Heath reminded him as Forbes is now playing in his first final and will be a great addition to my team.

Carl Greenwood

Carl from Portal GC in Cheshire had a fantastic season reaching the semi finals of the Bushnell Matchplay and qualifying from the Network Day Order of Merit. He is definitely one to watch at the Final with his excellent match play record over the last couple of years, and his ability to perform under pressure.

Brian Lodge

Brian is a fellow Yorkshire man playing his golf at Cookridge Hall GC. A regular at the Network Days, Brian is a good supporter of Linksnet and qualified from the 20+ handicap division after a consistent run of form throughout the season. I'll be hoping that form continues through to the final where Brian could become a key player.

Tom Roberton

Tom plays his golf at Kingsdown GC in Wiltshire and is the third single figure handicapper in my team alongside myself and Carl. This will be Tom’s first final after a season where he has performed strongly from start to finish to secure 4th place in the 0-9 handicap division. 

Karen Scott

The most recent Linksnet Ambassador, Karen plays her golf at Hazlemere GC alongside husband Bob. Karen, fresh from a week of competitive golf in Barbados, is sure to be a force to be reckoned with at Prince’s. Karen qualified from the 10-19 handicap division after some fantastic golf this season.

Dave Woods

Ipswich fan Dave Woods, plays his golf at Fynn Valley GC in Suffolk. The standout player from the Network Days and the winner of the Order of Merit, Dave is a popular member of the Linksnet community and never stops smiling no matter what his golf is like! But be warned when Dave performs, he’s a scary proposition for any opponent so I'll be hoping he’s on form at Prince’s!

Ready to take on Glyn's team is Team Troon's captain Mark AttwellAs soon as qualification was confirmed, Mark was an obvious choice for captain. A great personality within the Linksnet community, he backs up his wit and banter with some excellent golf which has seen him qualify at the last with a gutsy performance in the final Network Day at Camberley Heath. Like Glyn, Mark is a Linksnet Ambassador and he will be sure to get his team performing at Prince’s.

Let's hear from Mark about the rest of his team:

Derek Bird

Derek qualified as the Bushnell Matchplay Singles Champion and is therefore undoubtedly a key member of my team having also defeated the great Roger Harpum on his way to victory! Derek has been a steady performer all season playing in numerous Network Days across the country. Derek plays his golf at Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales. 

Carol Brown

From Copthorne GC in West Sussex, is the second female finalist Carol Brown who's always good for a chat and a laugh whenever we see her. Carol qualified from the 20+ handicap division after some great golf in a season where she was also ladies club captain. Carol will be a popular member of the team at Prince’s.

Lee Corns

I've known Lee for over 20’years and what used to be a fierce rivalry every Friday afternoon is now friendly competition. I credit Lee with helping me get to single figures by stressing the importance of being positive and smiling when you’re golfing! 

Football referee Lee plays his golf at Burnley Golf Club. Lee had a great season in 0-9 handicap division but had thought he’d just missed out on qualification! But with Steve Cooke unable to make it, Lee eagerly snapped up the opportunity to take part! Lee will undoubtedly be a strong member of my team.

Gavin Featherstone

A finalist from last year, Gavin swaps the green of Portrush for the blue of Troon! Gavin plays his golf at Felixstowe Ferry GC in Suffolk and this year performed even better to top the overall leaderboard as well as finishing first in the 0-9 handicap division. With his experience from last year, he’s a priceless addition to my team.

Leon Loberman 

Another returning finalist and another one swapping green for blue! Linksnet Ambassador Leon has had a superb season culminating in winning the Bushnell Matchplay Pairs with partner Dave Woods – now an opponent in the final!  A great supporter of Linksnet and member of Clacton on Sea GC, watch out for Leon’s red hot putter! When that gets going he’s hard to match! Do not underestimate Leon “the assassin” and phenomenal player who somehow plays off circa 20. I saw Leon birdie a hole at Birkdale that Jordan Spieth bogied…

Neil McRae

Another Linksnet Ambassador, Neil plays his golf at Waterton Park GC and is the son-in-law of Portrush captain Glyn Andrews! Linksnet like to create a bit of friendly rivalry so for the second year running Glyn and Neil find themselves on opposite sides. Glyn came out on top last year, maybe it will be Neil’s turn this time out at Prince’s! Lets hope so! 

Mike Pickering

Last but not least is Herons’ Reach member Mike Pickering, playing in his first Linksnet season. Mike has had a superb start finishing second in 0-9 handicap division. A strong competitor, Mike can be counted on to have a big impact on my team as we head to Prince’s next week.

I'm very pleased with my team and looking forward to the match. However, with such a strong opposing captain and a team of quality golfers with shots, it feels like my team of predominantly single figure golfers are the underdogs! 

So there goes! Interesting thoughts from the two captains! We will be back later in the week as we continue the countdown to the final.

Season 3 Final Countdown - 2 weeks to go - Mon 24 October

The countdown to Prince's starts in earnest this week as we hear from our two freshly appointed captains who have no doubt already started their planning for the two day final coming up next month.

Both captains did not hesitate to take on the role which gives them the opportunity to lead their sides to a famous victory on the links of Prince's! 

First up we hear from defending champions Team Portrush and their captain Glyn Andrews.

Said Glyn "
It is with great pride that I've accepted the role of team captain for this year's final at the stunning Prince's Golf Club and I'm going head to head with a good friend and fellow captain Mark Attwell. I want fun, laughter and superb camaraderie from all 16 players, with competitive golf as a bonus. I'm looking forward to meeting up with my squad. Bring it on Team Portrush!"

Mark Attwell, captain of Team Troon, said "
It’s been a tough couple of months following a badly sprained ankle, I thought my golfing season was over but, booking the last Linksnet of the season at Camberley Heath, a real quality course, playing well and being lucky enough to qualify for the Linksnet final on the last possible day was awesome. The icing on the cake? Being invited to be captain! As much as I enjoy winning, the team camaraderie and yes, the taking part is what matters. My hopes for the final? 30 degrees and 20 mph winds! In reality, I hope for a fun couple of days with friends, old and new at Prince’s - a fabulous golf venue."

Next Monday we can look forward to both captains previewing their teams where we can start to look out for any subtle hints as to those all important betterball pairings on day one!

Season 3 Final Countdown - 3 weeks to go - Weds 19 October

With Season 3 closing nearly a week ago following a fantastic Network Day at Camberley Heath, we can finally reveal the make up of our two final teams who will compete across 2 days of match play golf next month at Prince's GC in Kent.

Our two teams which launched at last year's final are named after two of the finest links courses in the UK with Team Portrush led by David Ryley winning last year's final against Team Troon.

Taking over the reigns from David this year is new captain Glyn Andrews from Waterton Park in Yorkshire. Glyn was a winning member of Team Portrush last year and a regular player at our Network Days. 

Glyn will be up against new Team Troon captain Mark Attwell who takes over from last year's captain Simon Hudson. Mark qualified for the final on the final day following a great round at Camberley Heath and plays his golf at Marsden Park.

Both captains can call on well balanced teams featuring some of the strongest players across all three leaderboards, the Network Day Order of Merit and of course our Bushnell Matchplay competitions.

Our captains will be previewing their teams in the coming weeks but for now here they are for the first time.

We will be back with more build up and some words from our two captains next week.

Team Portrush

Glyn Andrews (Capt)
Jon Crickmore
Forbes Cutler
Carl Greenwood
Brian Lodge
Tom Roberton
Karen Scott
Dave Woods

Team Troon

Mark Attwell (Capt)
Derek Bird
Carol Brown
Lee Corns
Gavin Featherstone
Leon Loberman
Neil McRae
Mike Pickering

Once again we look forward to offering our finalists the unique experience and camaraderie of a team matchplay event.  
It’s your chance to be part of our second Linksnet Final after last year's inaugural event at Prince's went right down to the wire.

Steeped in history, Prince's Golf Club offers 27 holes of sublime links golf on this stretch of fabled Kent coast. A host of Local Final Qualifying for The Open Championship from 2018 to 2022, Prince's also co-hosted The Amateur Championship in 2013 and 2017.

In 1932 Prince's hosted The Open Championship with Gene Sarazen winning his one and only Claret Jug, on his way to becoming the first man to claim the Grand Slam of winning all four of the modern Majors. He did so having invented a club specifically to recover from the punitive Prince’s bunkers – it became known as the sand wedge.

The venue offers wonderful bedroom accommodation in the Lodge with views over Sandwich Bay & Royal St. George's and dining in the 2AA Rosette Brasserie on the Bay.

What’s Included

  • 36 holes of matchplay golf 
  • Single occupancy accommodation in the Lodge
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Prize giving  
  • Linksnet goody bag
  • The opportunity to win our flagship prize of the season - a 5 night golf trip for two to Costa Navarino in Greece courtesy of Golf Escapes* 

There are multiple ways to qualify for this year's Final:

  • Qualify through posting your own scores on the Linksnet leaderboard**
  • Qualify through our Network Day Order of Merit
  • Qualify through our Bushnell Matchplay Singles and Pairs Tournament

* Greece prize open to TOUR or TOUR PLUS members only
**Leaderboard qualification open to PRO, TOUR or TOUR PLUS members only who finish in the following positions: 0-9 handicaps - top 4 spaces, 10-19 handicaps - top 4 spaces, 20+ handicaps - top 2 spaces.

To find out more about Princes Golf Club click here
To find out more about our flagship end of season prize to Greece click here

Relive the highlights of the Season 2 Final below:


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