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When does the season start and finish?

Due to the current government guidance and social distancing rules, our first season will be a little different to subsequent seasons. We started the season as soon as golf courses reopened in England (Wednesday 13 May) and will close the season at midnight on Sunday 25 October. 


How do I become a Linksnet member and is it free?

To become a Linksnet member you need to complete our registration form. 

The programme is completely free to join and there is no membership fee for Season One. 

For Season Two, we will be introducing memberships tiers, details of which will be announced later in 2020.


Can I become a Linksnet member if I live outside the UK?

Yes if you live outside of the UK you can join Linksnet but must register for the CASUAL leaderboard.

Note if you live in Ireland, and are a golf club member, you should still register as a CLUB member.


Why do I have to complete a registration form and what is the information I provide used for?

We need you to provide us with your information which is essential to the successful running of Linksnet. Your email address is used for sending out any Linksnet news or communication.

Your details are stored securely and will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission.


Should I become a CLUB or CASUAL member?

You only have to choose when it's time to enter your first score. Then you will be prompted to choose CLUB or CASUAL.

Choose CLUB if you have an official club handicap and normally play club competitions. Choose CASUAL if you normally only play for fun and don’t have an official handicap.

Given the current government guidance and social distancing rules, all players will, for this season only, be able to enter casual rounds played and of course all players can enter Match Play scores against other Linksnet members, as long as social distancing rules are maintained. 

In subsequent seasons, once golf clubs return to normal, the rules will change for  CLUB members.


Can I register as a CASUAL member if I have an official handicap?

For Season One only, if you are a club member with an official handicap please register as a CLUB Linksnet member. Although you may be entering some of the same type of scores as CASUAL Linksnet members, you will maintain your existing club handicap.


Can I register as a CLUB member if I don’t have an official handicap?

Unfortunately not. Linksnet CLUB will be for players with official handicaps only.


If I register as a CLUB member, can I enter competition scores from a club outside of the UK?

In Season One, all scores from any club are permitted for Linksnet CLUB members. This will change once golf clubs return to normal.


How do I earn Linksnet points and how do my scores get converted into Linksnet points?

You earn Linksnet points by submitting rounds of golf played.

During Season One, due to current government guidance and social distancing rules, all members can enter any medal/stroke play and Stableford rounds verified by a scorecard they have signed and dated (scorecard can be digital). They will not require any other signatures.

All Linksnet members can enter Match Play scores against other Linksnet members, as long as social distancing rules are observed. Match Play wins earn 2 points, whilst Match Play draws earn 1 point.

For all types of rounds listed above, if you score under par net in any round that earns you points. For example, 4 under par net is 4 points, 2 under par net is 2 points and so on. Level par net is 0 points, whilst over par net rounds earn negative points. For example 3 over par net is -3 points, and 1 over par net is -1 points.

The leaderboard is based on your 6 best scores only although only 3 of those 6 scores can be Match Play scores. 


Where can I see the full competition FAQs?

For a full breakdown of all the competition FAQs click here