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When does the season start and finish?

Season 3 starts Friday 4 March 2022 and will run all the way through to Thursday 13 October 2022. 

All scores submitted must be received with verification within 28 days of the round played.



How do I become a Linksnet member and is it free?

To become a Linksnet member you need to complete our registration form. 

The programme is free to join but there are 4 different levels of membership to suit everyone.

Click here for more information.


Can I become a Linksnet member if I live outside the UK?

Yes absolutely. You just need to make sure you have a registered World Handicap.


Why do I have to complete a registration form and what is the information I provide used for?

We need you to provide us with your information which is essential to the successful running of Linksnet. Your email address is used for sending out any Linksnet news or communication.

Your details are stored securely and will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission.


What type of scores can I submit?

Linksnet members can submit any score that is registered for their World Handicap, as well as Matchplay rounds against other Linksnet members.


Can I register as a member if I don’t have an official World Handicap?

Unfortunately not. However If you do not belong to a golf club but would like to join Linksnet you can obtain a World Handicap through England Golf's Igolf platform. 

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How do I earn Linksnet points and how do my scores get converted into Linksnet points?

Members can enter individual scores which are registered on their World Handicap record, as well as Matchplay scores against other Linksnet members. Matchplay wins earn 120 points, Matchplay draws earn 110 points whilst a loss earns 100 points.

To calculate the Linksnet points for individual scores submitted we use the following calculation:

10 x (Playing Handicap + Course Rating - Adjusted Gross) + 100.

The leaderboard is based on your 6 best scores only although only 3 of those 6 scores can be Matchplay scores. 


Where can I see the full competition FAQs?

For a full breakdown of all the competition FAQs click here


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