Network Day Order of Merit

Who will guarantee their place at our Season 3 Final this Autumn?

You can win spaces at our end of Season Final through our Network Days which take place from March 2022 all the way through to the Autumn.
Order of Merit points will be awarded at each Network Day based on final finishing positions.
The points will be awarded as followed:
First place - 20pts
Second place - 15pts
Third place - 12pts
Fourth place - 10pts
Fifth place - 8pts
Sixth place - 6pts
Seventh place - 5pts
Eighth place - 4pts
Ninth place - 3pts
Tenth place - 2pts
All other participants - 1pt
The TOP THREE members on the Order of Merit at the conclusion of our season will qualify for our Season 3 Final details of which you can find here  
To find out about our SIK Golf Birdie Leaderboard click here
Final Order of Merit standings (as at 13 October 2022, following Camberley Heath Network Day).
Click on individual player name for further detail.



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