Inter-Club Championship

Can your club become Linksnet Inter-Club Champions 2021?

Linksnet not only provides great opportunities to network, make friends and win prizes for your own golf, we also offer an exciting competition to promote, represent and show your support for your home club with our INTER-CLUB leaderboard. 

The winning golf club this season will not only be crowned Linksnet INTER-CLUB Champions 2021 with a trophy to proudly display, they will also win a Linksnet 2022 Network Day which will see their club promoted all this winter and will include 10 free spaces for the winning club’s Linksnet members.

In addition to this great incentive, one lucky competing member from the winning club will win a space at an additional 2022 UK Network Day of their choice for themselves and three friends.

Our 2020 INTER-CLUB Champions, Hazlemere GC, are hosting their winning day this June. You can book to take part here.

How do I sign up my club?

It’s easy to get your club involved. Just make sure your club has a minimum of 4 members competing on the Linksnet Club leaderboard, all having identified your club as their home club on their profile. 

The INTER-CLUB leaderboard will calculate your top 4 members’ total Linksnet leaderboard points and add them together for an INTER-CLUB points total.  This will be updated after every round entered all the way through to the close of the season.

Is there a Cup Competition as well as an INTER-CLUB leaderboard?

In June we will launch our INTER-CLUB Cup competition where clubs will battle it out on specific weekends to see which club’s members submit the best scores that weekend to make it through to the next round. There’s a trophy for the winning club and Titleist Pro V1 balls for each of the four team members!   

How can I encourage my club and members to get involved?

Remind your friends at the club that there are some great individual prizes to be won with Linksnet including the chance to win lots of monthly prizes from the likes of Titleist, Stewart Golf, Dirty Dog and Hayman’s Gin. By referencing you in their registration, you also get the chance to become our Ambassador of the Month winning you some exclusive Linksnet merchandise and more!

In addition they get the chance to build a network of golfing friends opening up invites to golf clubs all over the world.

For your club the more members they have signed up to Linksnet, the greater the chance of becoming crowned INTER-CLUB Champions 2021 and winning a Linksnet Network Day in 2022, increasing their profile through the Linksnet platform and visitor/corporate income.  

Competition Terms and Conditions: 

1. A club’s total on the INTER-CLUB leaderboard is the combined total number of points of the top 4 players from that club on the individual Club leaderboard. 

2. To take part in the INTER-CLUB Championship, and therefore to be featured on the INTER-CLUB leaderboard, a club must have a minimum 4 members from their club featured on the individual Club leaderboard.  

3. There is no limit to how many members a club can have but the INTER-CLUB leaderboard will only ever calculate the top 4 members’ scores to create the combined INTER-CLUB points total.

4. There is no deadline to when a club can qualify for the INTER-CLUB Championship. They will automatically feature on the leaderboard as soon as 4 club members submit scores to the Linksbook individual Club leaderboard, and they will be removed if the number of members drops below 4.

5. If a member leaves a club mid season and joins another club, their new and current golf club will benefit from his/her scores, and they will no longer count towards his/her previous golf club’s INTER-CLUB total points.

6. The individual prize is a space at an additional 2022 UK Network Day for the winner and 3 friends. The winner will be drawn at random from the list of Linksnet members who have competed for the winning club in the Inter-Club Championship. Checks will be made to ensure the member chosen is indeed a current member of the winning club. The prize is for a space on a UK Network Day. Travel to the event and any accommodation is at the member’s own cost.

7. The winning club will also be invited to host a Linksnet Network Day in 2022. The Linksnet team will discuss suitable dates with the club direct, with 10 spaces reserved for members from the winning golf club. Remaining spaces will be available for all Linksnet members to book on a first come first served basis. Should the winning club be from outside of the UK, a substitute prize of 4 spaces at a Network Day of their choice will be provided, although travel to and from the venue and accommodation will be at the winners’ own cost

8. The INTER-CLUB Championship will close at midnight on 24 October 2021.

9. The INTER-CLUB Championship is open to all Linksnet members subject to point 7 above.

10. The INTER-CLUB Cup will see clubs drawn against other clubs where their member’s scores submitted to Linksnet on a specific day/weekend will count towards the match. For the purpose of the Cup competition, the top 4 members’ scores from each club will be taken for any specific match. The Prize for the winning club is a trophy whilst the 4 winning team members will each receive a dozen Titleist golf balls.  The draw will be based on those clubs featuring on the INTER-CLUB leaderboard as of 1st June 2021. Subsequent entries onto the INTER-CLUB leaderboard will not be included in the INTER-CLUB Cup.

11. Prizes can only be dispatched to a UK postal address

12. The organiser’s decision is final. 


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