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Build your profile

Once registered build your own profile and connect with other members.


Choose your leaderboard

Choose CLUB if you are a golf club member with an official club handicap, and in normal circumstances would play official club medal and stableford competitions.

Choose CASUAL if you don’t belong to a club and do not have an official handicap, and would only play casually with friends and colleagues.


Submit your scores

At a click of a button you can choose to submit scores from every round you play .

Even if your club is unable to hold all its regular competitions or there are no golf days, you can still compete on Linksnet and watch your progress on the leaderboard where your top 6 scores count



CLUB members will use their official club handicap.

CASUAL members will receive a CASUAL member handicap based on scores submitted throughout the season. For 2020 CASUAL handicaps will be based on the UK’s CONGU Unified Handicapping System.


Win prizes

Prizes are awarded throughout the season.

And if you finish high enough on the leaderboard there are more prizes awarded based on handicap range, age and gender.



Through your own personal Dashboard interact with other Linksnet members to arrange your golfing calendar. Earn badges for your golfing achievements and comment on all things golf.

Once it’s safe for us to run events again, you can take part in our exclusive Linksnet Network Days and tours at some of the world’s finest courses, where you can invite your friends, colleagues and clients and win some great prizes.

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