Bushnell Matchplay Pairs

A matchplay pairs knockout competition leading to a Final at the magnificent Woburn Golf Club.

The Bushnell Matchplay Pairs is a knock out tournament where members get even more chance to network, make new friends and visit new clubs. We start with regional rounds leading all the way to a fantastic final at Woburn Golf Club. It’s the perfect way to add some fun competition and adventure to your golfing summer.

You can read a report on our 2020 Matchplay Pairs Final here.



Duncan Whitehead/Steve O'Keeffe v Danny Kendall/Jon Bromley at Woburn GC

TH FINAL (to be played by Sunday 31 October)

Gary Hankinson/Ian Gallagher v  Duncan Whitehead/Steve O'Keeffe at Ashton-In-Makerfield GC  WHITEHEAD/O'KEEFFE WON ON 19TH HOLE

SOUTH FINAL (to be played by Sunday 31 October)

Danny Kendall/Jon Bromley v Dave Woods/Leon Loberman  at The London Club KENDALL/BROMLEY WON 5&3

NORTH SEMI-FINALS (to be played by Sunday 26 September)

Mike Pickering/Carl Greenwood v Gary Hankinson/Ian Gallagher at Portal GC HANKINSON/GALLAGHER WON 2&1
Duncan Whitehead/Steve O'Keeffe v Glyn Andrews/Karen Andrews at Herons Reach GC WHITEHEAD/O'KEEFFE WALKOVER

SOUTH SEMI-FINALS (to be played by Sunday 26 September)

Dave Woods/Leon Loberman v Trevor Hails/Alan Thompson at Clacton GC WOODS/LOBERMAN WON ON 19TH HOLE
Richard Elson/Paul Copley v Danny Kendall/Jon Bromley at Princes GC KENDALL/BROMLEY WON 4&2

NORTH QUARTER-FINALS (to be played by Monday 30 August)

Glyn Andrews/Karen Andrews v Lee Corns/Mark Attwell at Waterton Park GC ANDREWS/ANDREWS WON ON COIN TOSS
Gary Hankinson/Ian Gallagher v Stuart Nice/Robert Cooper at Ashton-in-Makerfield GC HANKINSON/GALLAGHER WON 5&3
Duncan Whitehead/Steve O'Keeffe v Kevin Raybould/Andy Brown at Herons Reach GC WHITEHEAD/O'KEEFFE WON 5&4
Roy Backhouse/Andrew Tallents v Mike Pickering/Carl Greenwood at Royal Liverpool GC PICKERING/GREENWOOD WON 3&2

SOUTH QUARTER-FINALS (to be played by Monday 30 August)

Trevor Hails/Alan Thompson v Geoff Seabrook/Brin Cox at Hazlemere GC HAILS/THOMPSON WON ON 19TH HOLE
Danny Kendall/Jon Bromley v Simon Hudson/Morag Hutcheon at London Club KENDALL/BROMLEY WON 4&3
Margaret Clifford/Alan Clifford v Dave Woods/Leon Loberman at Clandon GC WOODS/LOBERMAN WON 6&5
Simon Stern/Dan Stern v Richard Elson/Paul Copley at Hartsbourne GC ELSON/COPLEY WON BY 1 HOLE

NORTH 1ST ROUND (to be played by Sunday 25 July)

Steve Cooke/Simon Weathers v Duncan Whitehead/Steve O'Keeffe at Wallasey GC WHITEHEAD/O'KEEFE WON 4&3

SOUTH 1ST ROUND (to be played by Sunday 25 July)

Margaret Clifford/Alan Clifford v Steve Sinnott/Nick Withey at Clandon GC CLIFFORD/CLIFFORD WON 3&2
John Newell/Greg Harvey v Simon Stern/Dan Stern at Burnham Beeches GC STERN/STERN WON 5&3
Scott Murray/Gary Chequer v Danny Kendall/Jon Bromley at Cobtree Manor GC KENDALL/BROMLEY WON 6&4
Roger Harpum/Nigel Lewis v Geoff Seabrook/Brin Cox at Sittingbourne & Milton Regis GC SEABROOK/COX WON 2&1

The key dates of the competition are as follows:.

Monday 21 June

Regional First Round and Quarter Final Draw for North & South  

By Sunday 25 July

All Regional First Rounds completed

By Monday 30 August

All Regional Quarter Finals completed

Tuesday 31 August

Regional Semi Final Draws    

By Sunday 26 September

All Regional Semi Finals completed

Monday 27 September

Regional Finals Draw  

By Sunday 31 October

All Regional Finals completed

By Friday 17 December


Competition Terms and Conditions: 

1. The format is betterball match play, where the best net score of the four players on each hole wins that hole for their pair.

2. All official World Handicaps indices or, if casual members, current Linksnet handicaps should be used, whereby the Linksnet handicap is classed as a handicap index. The player’s playing handicap is calculated based on the following:

Playing Handicap = (Course Handicap x handicap allowance) + difference in Course Ratings

The course handicap = Handicap Index x (Slope /113) which is rounded to a whole number. The handicap allowance for betterball matchplay is 90% which is applied to the course handicap and is not rounded. The difference in the course ratings between the two tees, not rounded, is then added to the course handicap to produce the Playing Handicap which is finally rounded.

The following table gives a clear example of the stages of the calculation and where the rounding is done:

Players score using the card and SI appropriate for the tee they are playing from.

3. All results should be emailed to support@linksnetgolf.com within 24 hours by the winning pair declaring their match score.

4. The home drawn team is responsible for arranging the fixture. In the event of bad weather, it is the home team who determine whether the course is playable. If for any reason the fixture is not played by the deadline, a toss of the coin will decide who proceeds through to the next round. No deadline extensions will be granted.

5. The home drawn team is responsible for paying 50% of guest green fees for both away team players. The away team is responsible for the other 50% of their green fees and their own travel costs.

6. If one team has been deemed to have made a reasonable effort to have arranged a fixture (by offering at least 3 dates, one of which must be an evening or weekend date) and the opposing team has not communicated availability or is unable to play on the dates given then the organisers may decide to award a walk over. The organisers decision is final.

7. All entrants agree to have their email addresses and contact numbers circulated amongst other entrants.

8. The draw will not be seeded although every effort will be taken to limit travel.

9. All entrants must be current members of Linksnet, hold a BIRDIE or EAGLE membership for the duration of the competition and be based in the UK. Should an entrant move from EAGLE or BIRDIE to PAR during the course of the competition, they will forfeit their current match and their opponents will be awarded a walk over.

10. All entries must be emailed to support@linksnetgolf.com clearly stating both player names, handicaps, email addresses, home club chosen and region. All confirmed entries must be received by midnight on 13 June 2021 with a first round due to start on 21 June 2021. There is no entrance fee. The competition is only open to players in the regions stated which will be identified following pre-registration. If a pair are from different regions, all home matches must be played in the region they are drawn in.

11. All Bushnell Matchplay Pairs scores can be entered as official Linksnet Matchplays on a members’ profile irrespective of it being a betterball match, but if you have already played one of your opponents in Matchplay during the season 3 times, it will not count towards your total. To enter please choose just one of your opponents to enter the score against - do not enter the score twice against both opponents.

12. The Final will be held in the autumn/winter of 2021 at Woburn Golf Club. A mutual date should be agreed by both finalists. The organisers of Linksnet will then book the tee time. The golf costs are complimentary but finalists will be expected to cover all other costs, including but not limited to, their own travel and accommodation expenses, food or drinks costs and any golf buggy costs. 

13. Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in a pair being removed from the Bushnell Matchplay Pairs and a walk over given to their last opponents.


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